Saturday, 11 April 2015

Spring Feeding

Some people feed the birds in the winter and then stop once spring arrives, but this is an important time to continue to feed them. At the beginning of spring, there hasn't been any growth of plants yet, and it's too cold for the bugs. Well, at least up here in the Northern Hemisphere anyway. It is also the time of breeding, so food is vitally important for them.

So, to help our feathered friends get the nourishment they need, try sopping up any left over grease in your pots and pans with bread crusts. The birds really like this and it helps them after a long winter of reduced calories. If you tend to throw out the crust ends of your bread, please consider feeding them to the birds instead. This will help to slightly reduce the garbage you produce, the food won't go to waste and you'll feel good helping out the birds. After all, giving is a true source of happiness.

Soak up all the grease with the bread crusts and rip the bread up into smaller "bite" sized pieces to make it easier for the birds to grab. I ripped it up before I rubbed it in the grease. This is also a great way to get rid of the left over grease in your pots and pans, making it much easier for clean up later. Once all your bread bits are ready, simply take them outside and scatter them around on the ground in a safe location. You may wish to do this near a window, so you can watch the birds and maybe squirrels enjoying your offerings.

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