Sunday, 15 February 2015

Jupiter Ascending - Explained

Okay, I went to see this movie yesterday and yes, I have a headache above my eyes today which I am blaming on the 3D movie. I will admit that this movie worked in 3D unlike many others I could mention. Being in space and flying around does lend itself to a 3D atmosphere, so I am not going to complain about the movie being in that format.

If you went to see this movie and there aren't too many of you that did (at least that is my understanding), then you will know that it wasn't a great movie. I am one that cannot stand a didactic movie that shoves the plot and foreshadowing into your face, so obviously, that you dread watching the rest of the movie. After all, what is the point of watching the rest of the movie, when you have been told exactly what is going to happen already at the beginning. Jupiter Ascending however, sort of left this stuff out. I'm not sure if they did this on purpose, or they flubbed during editing. Thank you for not making the movie didactic, but it would have been nice to have known what was going on a little more than what we got.

I am of the thinking that perhaps the pace of the movie, which was very quick (and added to the headache I'm sure), was too fast, because you really didn't have time to let what was happening sink in. A line of dialogue thrown in here and there throughout the movie hinted at a back story, but there was so much action going on you kind of miss it and didn't have time for your brain to sort the pieces out and make sense of what the hell was happening on screen.

(Yes, she falls for most of the movie.)


If you haven't watched the film yet, then you might not want to continue reading this. But on the other hand, this might help you to understand what is going on in the film. ;-)

About four hours after I had watched the movie and keeping busy doing other things, a light bulb moment happened and my brain finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together and came up with an explanation of what I had just seen. I honestly have no idea if this is what the writer and film makers intended at all or if it is just a feeble attempt of my mind to try to create a story out of the chaos. 

Here goes:

Once upon a time there was a Queen of the Universe and she had three children. (We do not know how she begot these kids as there is never any mention of a King or father for these kids at all, ever, at least to my knowledge.) Her first born child was a boy, the second a girl and the third another boy. (I would mention names but to be honest all I can remember was Jupiter and Titus for the names of anyone in the movie. I could look this information up, but I am not going to pretend that I came away from that movie with any sort of a clear idea of who anyone was.)

 (Look it's Titus and Jupiter - the only characters I can name.)

At some point in time, the Queen took a lover and he was a flying wolfman. Supposedly, wolves have wings and can fly. The flying wolfman and the Queen loved each other dearly. 

The eldest son, who was ambitious and ruthless, had a fight with his mother, the Queen, and during the scuffle killed his mother. This obviously, angered the flying wolfman, who then tried to kill the eldest son, by ripping his throat apart with his bare teeth. Unfortunately, he failed and the eldest son lived. Despite all the advanced, powerful healing technology they had, the eldest son was never able to fully recover from his throat injury. Therefore, he wears high collars to cover up the wounds and whispers throughout the movie, except when he unexpectedly and for no apparent reason screams his words. Having killed the Queen and having survived the attempt on his life, you would think that the eldest son of the Queen would now be King, but you would be wrong.

Meanwhile, the flying wolfman, somehow gets away with his attack and is punished by having his wings removed. It's not really clear how he got away with it or why, as you would think attacking the heir would mean execution, but apparently not.

Now it turns out that this particular Royal Family, has the uncanny and unexplainable ability to take rebirth as themselves perfectly if they die. They are a completely perfect DNA replica of themselves, despite the DNA of the new parents that begot them. The eldest son, who I would guess wants to be King of the Universe has many spies out and about watching for when and where his mother, the Queen of the Universe will re-appear. He is hoping to find her before anyone else does, so he can kill her again and then maybe eventually they will let him be King finally.

The flying wolfman having escaped punishment by death or imprisonment, is free to spend all of his time and effort trying to find the rebirth of the woman he loves, the Queen of the Universe. This may seem an impossible task, but it turns out she is able to take rebirth and look exactly the same as she did, sound exactly the same and smell exactly the same, which makes this easier for the flying wolfman to track down. 

The Queen's youngest son figures that her flying wolfman lover will have the best chance of anyone to find her rebirth and hires him to do just that. And this is the point, when the movie begins, but none of this back story is clearly explained at all and I could be completely wrong. 

I have no plans to watch this film again, to find out if my tale would actually work out correctly or not. So if you see the film and this helps to makes sense of it, then please leave a comment and let me know or if I am way off then let me know that, too. hahaha thanks.

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