Monday, 19 January 2015

Seven Types of Husbands

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1. An Oppressive Husband - flirts with other women, cheats on his wife, is a hustler, neglects and/or harasses his wife, is nasty, brutal and evil minded

2. A Predatory Husband - takes for himself whatever money or possessions his wife earns or acquires

3. A Dictator Husband - bosses his wife around, bad mouths her, is lazy, gluttonous and mean, does nothing to help his wife

4. A Supportive Husband - protects his wife, her possessions and money, is affectionate and sympathetic

5. An Understanding Husband - respects his wife, acknowledges his wife's wishes, is modest

6. A Loyal Husband- is noble in his intentions towards his wife, is delighted whenever he sees her, is honest and faithful to her

7.  A Valet Husband - does whatever his wife wishes, does not get angry with her and will not harm her, gladly accepts everything about his wife, even if he is threatened with punishment has no ill-will in his heart towards her

I borrowed this from a teaching from Buddha. He, however, had a list of Seven Kinds of Wives, so of course I had  to switch the genders. After all, this is human nature we are talking about and it could and does apply to both genders. Husbands can be labelled like this just as easily as wives. The most appropriate title would be Seven Types of Spouses, whichever gender they may be. I did however want to get the point across that this can apply to men, not just to women. As I am sure there are many women out there that can verify their husbands fall into one of these categories, just as easily as men could find one for their wives. I am sure it will still apply for those that have spouses of the same sex.

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