Friday, 21 November 2014

How To Save Your Own Life When Choking

I speak from experience, when I share this information. I hope you will find it useful and remember it if you ever need it. I was taught this method in my grade 11 Biology class from my teacher, Mr. Johnson, and a few years later it saved me from choking. (See you can learn things in school that can be useful later in life. hehe)

What happened to me was that I was eating dinner and my Dad was telling me funny stories and jokes and I laughed at something. Unfortunately, I had food in my mouth and the intake of air as I laughed sucked the food down my throat. I could no longer get any air in, to be able to cough the food back out. I was seriously choking. I got up from the kitchen table and went into our dining room where the fancy dining room set had round backed chairs. My Dad starting pounding me on the back, which can sometimes lodge the food in worse, so I was trying to avoid his help. He meant well and was trying to help me, though. I managed to shove the rounded back of the chair up under my ribs and the food came flying out, just as I had been instructed in school. Thanks to Mr. Johnson.

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Try to have at least one chair in your home with a rounded back to it, something similar to the chairs in the photographs as this shape will work best for this maneuver. You need to shove the back of the chair up under your rib cage, causing the diaphragm to force the air trapped in your lungs out, which will cause the food to shoot out of your throat. Don't be too gentle when doing this, or you may have to repeat the process. After all, time is not exactly on your side, when you are seriously choking. 

Please try to store this in the memory banks of your mind, so that you can access it later, if you ever need it. I hope you never do, though. 

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