Thursday, 16 October 2014

Crafting MMO - No PVP - No PVE - FREE for limited time

Well, if you are anything like me, you want to play something for free or cheap as possible. haha I also don't like fighting, but love crafting things, especially when I can help other players. This game covers all of that.

A Tale in the Desert

The game goes through cycles (I do believe 18 months) called Tales. They are at the end of the current tale (VI) and it will be a couple of months before the new tale is ready. Right now the game is free to play, which is a great way to discover if you will like the game enough to continue when the new tale starts. It was less than $12 for an entire month of play previously -let's face it that's cheaper than a night out at the movies which you are only entertained for 2 hours (if that). I do not know what the cost will be when the new tale begins, but I don't think it will be a huge change in price if any.

If the sounds of this interests you then download it from the link below and grab hold of the wiki (you will need it). There is so much going on in the game and so much that can be done you really need the wiki to figure things out.

A Tale in the Desert

Download link:

This game takes place in Ancient Egypt. There are 15 different designated areas on the map that you can choose to live in. Look for the beginner guides in the wiki for more help. The people are very friendly and helpful, so don't be shy about asking for help. There is a good co-operative atmosphere amongst the players as you have to rely on each other to accomplish some things in the game. You can join guilds (yes, more than one) that can be of help to you, just ask for a newbie guild to join when you start up. Or if you are like me, just start playing the game and find an isolated spot to set up on and learn as you go. It's slower that way, so not too overwhelming, but you may make a few errors along the way, I certainly have. hahaa

You can be male or female in the game and there are a few outfits you can choose from and customize slightly. You can change your outfit anytime you like during play. After you finish the tutorial, you will get tests (quests) that appear as a tab near your items and skill tabs. Use these to figure out what you need to learn and do next. Visit the schools and universities often to learn more skills and gain more abilities. 

Take your time when choosing an area to live in and make sure it is suited to your wants. Some areas are more lively than others. You will be very limited with what you can do until you build your compound, but don't rush into building one right away. Find a good area with sand, mud, dirt, clay, grass and silt deposits nearby. Be aware that others need quite a bit of space, so don't build too close to another player, unless you have their permission. Afterall, you don't want them to build their things where you are, so return the kindness. There is plenty of empty space.

Travel between areas has been made quicker and easier by using the Chariot Stations (pictured above). These will allow you to move instantly to any area that is next to the one you are in. Travel is free for about 2 minutes, then you have to wait around 8 minutes for the next free window to open. You can use your travel time which accumulates when you run around and can be collected when you are offline. I have about 5 days of travel time available and it cost a couple of hours of that time to use the Chariot Station (CS) if I don't want to wait for the free use. It is a good way to travel, especially when you need to visit every University of Worship in each section to collect your packet of free vegetable seeds. Be sure to visit all of them, as you can only get the free veggie seeds once from each University of Worship. 

So, if crafting is your thing and free is your thing, then I highly recommend giving this MMO a trial right now. I hope you enjoy the game.

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