Saturday, 12 April 2014

Three Day DIY Ombre Hair

Well, I have rather neglected this blog because I had a terrible winter health wise. The extreme cold temperatures gave my Fibromyalgia a very rough time. The weather is just starting to warm up for spring, although we are expecting more snow today. With the warmer temperatures I have been having an easier time.

Just this month I started a 31 Day Nail Art Challenge, that is keeping me very busy indeed! A new look everyday, takes up quite a bit of time to pull off. If you are interested in seeing what I have been doing with that please check out my other blog: My Nail Art Hobby. Just to warn you I'm not the greatest artist, but I have fun.

Last summer I had wanted to dye my hair purple. I've wanted purple hair since I was a punk teenager back in the 80's and now thanks to Splat I can finally give myself that! Alas, things didn't work out last summer, again Fibromyalgia was the culprit. Now I am determined to go for it! Rather than doing my entire head purple however, I have decided to try the Ombre style.
These are the two colours I will be using. Dark Burgundy from Avon for the top of my hair and Lusty Lavender by Splat for the bottom.

My plan is to dye the burgundy part on Day One. This will cover up my roots of white hair that are peeking through. Well it has been 6 months since the last time I dyed it. I was going to cut my hair first, but it is easier to put in a pony tail when it is longer. I prefer to have my hair up in a pony tail when the weather gets hot, if it ever does this year.

**WARNING: there will be pictures of me with no make up coming up, so proceed with caution.** lol

Eeeeek! Sorry for the fright! No make up and not looking very happy. Well it is the before picture, aren't you supposed to look your worst in those? haha
And from the side, this is more to be able to compare the ombre when I finally get that finished.

So here's the Plan:

Day One:    Dark Burgundy top half of hair dyed.
Day Two:   Bleaching bottom half of hair to prepare for the purple.
Day Three:  Lavender bottom half of hair dyed over the bleach.

I am spacing this out, so I hopefully won't wear myself out doing this and end up with my Fibromyalgia flaring up, as that could be an issue that prevents me from getting this done. :-/

Wish me luck, I hope it doesn't turn out terrible! I will post daily progress reports, so you can see how it's working and how I'm doing it.

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