Monday, 14 April 2014

Step Two (Day Two) Ombre Hair

So, today I have bleached the bottom half of my hair and oh my gosh what a mess. The bleach comes with the Splat kit and it is quite a messy ordeal. You have to mix the bleach and the powder spilled a bit into my sink, but I managed to scoop some of it back and get it into the bottle.
Be sure if you do this to be in a well ventilated area as the smell, is well atrocious. It is bleach after all.
I divided my hair up in two sides bringing it forward from the back and applied all the bleach to the bottom sections. I then wrapped each side in a few pieces of plastic wrap and tried to hold it in place with some hair ties. I left it on for an hour as per the instructions as I have dark hair.

**WARNING: Pictures of me without make-up below. Proceed with caution.** haha

Here is the result. The bleached area of my hair is now a frizzy, tangled horror! I did not blow dry my hair, but let it dry naturally. And it's not very blonde, more of a strawberry blonde, meaning orangey.
Here's hoping the purple will take over the bleach and look good, because right now I find it a wee bit frightening. hahaha

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