Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Step Three (Day Three) Ombre Hair -Complete

I must be honest, this last and final step to getting purple hair was awful. I was somewhat successful with the results, but I won't do it again. At least not using Splat!

The bleaching I did yesterday was messy, but the colouring was horrific! The dye itself was the thinnest, runniest liquid I have ever used to dye my hair. The dye dripped everywhere and dyed everything instantly, except for my hair! My counter is now purple in spots, my skin is purple and it won't wash off! I only wish my hair was the colour my skin has now become. I would be happier.

I saturated my hair with the purple dye and let it sit for 30 minutes according to the instructions. I then got in the shower and rinsed my hair out, as it says to do, until the water runs clear. The water did not run clear.  When the water was as good as I thought I could get it, I shampooed, as per the instructions and even more dye came out and took ages to run semi-clear. At that stage, I decided to condition my hair because of all the damage it was suffering through and even more dye came out. After 15 minutes of rinsing my hair out, I gave up that it would ever run clear. The dye being rinsed out also made my tub extremely slippery! I am sure the dye will run out every time my hair gets wet until I cut it off. :-/

Any drips that occurred after towel drying my hair, dripped dye onto my clothes, floor and even a wall, as I must have shaken my head at some point. I had to run around cleaning up the drips the best I could. What a nightmare!

If you choose to use Splat hair colour, I suggest you use towels and clothes that you are prepared to throw out in the garbage. I am too terrified to put them in the wash, as I figure it will dye everything in the wash and more than likely a few loads of laundry after that.

**WARNING-Frightening pictures of me below. Proceed with caution.** 

As you can see, I have achieved an ombre look, but it seems more of a dark pink to me, rather than the purple I had wanted.
Not the best pictures, sorry, but they are selfies so it's the best I could do. I tried to take this one in the sunlight, to hopefully see the colours better.
And one from the front, my hair is not styled, as I want to minimize the damage as much as possible and again no make up. I am wearing a high collared shirt to hide the purple dye all over my neck, chest and shoulders. ugh.

Before and After Photos:
Well, how badly do you think my hair turned out? Do you think you'd try this yourself? If you attempt this, you might want to try something other than Splat. If you have used Splat and didn't have these problems I'd like to know how it went for you. Thanks for reading. :-)


  1. I've had an ombre in the past running from dark to light. Having brown hair myself.
    The light part which of course needs to be bleached damaged my hair like crazy. When I was bored with it I made the light red and it was red for about two days...each shower/or rain fall I've lost the red which ruined clothes, towels and yeah...walls, floors...
    I don't remember the brand I've used but I do remember my shitty hair and look and will never do it again.
    Your bottom part looks very purple to me. With the middle part more red/pinkish. Not bad but I'm sure hoping your hair won't be as damaged as mine and that the color stays!!!!
    But as I read your story I have a bad feeling about it :(
    ...Sorry if my English isn't correct :D

    1. +Margriet Sijperda Your English is wonderful! I am always amazed by people that can speak more than one language.

      Yes I am afraid the same thing will happen to me, that happened to you. I have already had to throw two towels out, with more to follow I am sure. :-(