Sunday, 13 April 2014

Step One (Day One) Ombre Hair

Well, I have completed the first step of dying my hair in the ombre style. I dyed the top half (maybe a little bit more) with the Dark Burgundy dye from Avon. I simply followed the instructions that came in the box.
I made sure not to dye the bottom section that I will be doing in purple, as I did not want to put that section of my hair through three dying processes, two is bad enough. ;-)

*WARNING: there will be a picture of me with no make up again, so proceed with caution.* haha

There is no sunshine today, so the burgundy colour is rather hard to detect in this photo. Hopefully, the next two days will bring sunshine so you can see the colour better.

Step Two: Bleach the bottom section of my hair to prepare it for the purple. Watch for that tomorrow!

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