Monday, 17 March 2014

Cindy's Creations Thunder Bay

I have to rave about these candles!!! I bought myself some candles and soap from Cindy at a Christmas Craft Sale and these are the best aroma candles I have ever used! I'm being completely honest. I have never used candles that smelled so wonderful for so long. Quite often I have found that when I buy scented candles they smell great in the package, but when I light them, they just don't burn with any scent or there is a quick burst of scent at first and that's it. It is almost as if they sprayed the exterior of the candle with scent, and didn't put any within the candle itself. These candles keep the scent going for as long as the candle is lit and smell wonderful!

As for how long they burn, I lit them at about 5pm and had to blow them out around midnight leaving enough to burn again the next evening for a while.
I used all of these Clementine Orange candles up. They came in a package of 6 for $6.00 CND. It might seem a little pricey, but I was treating myself for Christmas and have been looking for real scented candles for ages. In my opinion, these candles are worth the price, absolutely and I'm cheap as you may have noticed. I have purchased many Candle Lite tealights in the past and I will stop wasting my money on their products as the candles Cindy makes are far superior.

I bought the Orange scented candles because I suffer from depression and orange/citrus scents are supposed to help combat it. I saved these used candles and placed them in my dresser drawers because they still have a strong scent and I get a whiff of it every time I open my drawers and the smell permeates my clothes too! It is especially nice on my pj's. :-)
This is the bar of Sweetgrass soap I bought from Cindy. It is so pretty. I have dry skin and I find this soap doesn't dry my skin out worse than it already is. I can't remember how much this cost. I was mainly interested in Cindy's candles, so I'm not sure what other products she makes other than soaps. She does not appear to have anything online about her business (that I could find), so I'm not able to provide a link for her products. If you live in the Thunder Bay area, I highly recommend giving her candles a try!!

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