Friday, 13 December 2013

The Royal Bank Stole My Baby's Money

This is absolutely true. The Royal Bank of Canada at Concession & Summit 555 Concession St, Hamilton stole my son's money. 

When my son was born, some people sent him money for a gift. I opened a child's bank account with the above branch of the Royal Bank. When he got money for Christmas I put it into that account. My goal was to save all the money that he would get throughout his life, to help pay for his post-secondary education. 

When my son was 5 1/2 months old, his father left us, saying,"I never wanted to be a father." I then struggled as a single mother on welfare, but still I saved as much money as I could for my son and put it into his Royal Bank children's account. 

When his first birthday came, I put all the money he got into that account. I did the same thing with the money he was sent for that following Christmas, as well. Not long after that Christmas, I went to deposit some money I saved up for my son. By this time, my baby had over $1,000 in his account. I was so happy I was going to be able to help him when he got older by being able to pay for at least some of his post-secondary education. When the teller handed back my baby's bank statement book, it read $0.00!!! I was completely stunned! 

I asked what happened to my son's money?!!?? The teller told me the money went to pay for his father's student loan. O.O 

I explained that his father left us, and had never given a penny towards my son's account. She didn't care. They absolutely refused to return my infant son's money to him. 

When I told his father about this, he didn't care either. No surprise there. That money was never returned to my son.

The Royal Bank of Canada is EVIL.


  1. This is really sad.. why they didn't inform your first?

    1. I guess they didn't feel they needed to. People don't seem to matter to corporations or businesses much it seems.