Sunday, 8 December 2013

A Childhood Story - The Great Aunt

I thought I would share a funny tidbit from my childhood. We (meaning my brothers and I) had a Great Aunt Lillian, who was an old spinster school teacher. I always thought she was rather mean. She once told me a story about how a long time ago a young man had asked her to marry him, but she turned him down because he was too short. Whew, lucky guy, he dodged a bullet that day. lol

Anyway, my story is that my parents used to make us write letters to her, when we were kids.
As I was not too fond of this woman, it was quite the chore to think of things to tell her and I never understood why we had to write to someone we didn't really like, but that's families for you. Eventually, we would get mail back from her. She never wrote me a single letter that I can remember. However, what she would mail was our letters back to us corrected.
I never knew if she meant for us to re-write the letter, now that she had corrected and re-send it, but I never did. Personally, I always felt she was ungrateful. hahaha

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