Monday, 4 November 2013

Game of Thrones Game

If you like the Game of Thrones books and/or TV series, then you might like this little game, too.This game is FREE to play, although you do have options to buy gold if you are into that sort of thing. The game is called Game of Thrones Ascent:

I just started playing about a week ago and it's pretty good. It's a game you can leave running in the background while you do other things because the Raven's call will let you know when your current projects are done. You can then head back into the game to update it.

I play this through Armor Games, but I think it is also available through Facebook. The random name generator is fun and comes up with some funny combinations. I chose Megga Humble for it's humour. If you decide to play, you can always add me as a friend. If you get into it and want to join an alliance, I belong to The Crabb Shack, run by Errok Crabb.

May I recommend that you build up your Counting House as quickly as possible. Money is important, as always. haha

Happy gaming.

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