Friday, 18 October 2013

Quick Measurement Conversion Online Link

When I got to about grade 3 in elementary school, Canada switched over to the Metric system. It was a slow and gradual change and in school we learned how to do the conversions between the old system and the new. Many things were still measured using the old system, since the adults hadn't learned the Metric system. Now that I am an adult everything is in Metric. However, I am somewhere in between having grown up in both systems. So for instance with cold temperatures I know them using Celsius, but for the hotter temperatures I know them using Fahrenheit. (-5C or 94F) lol

Due to this problem of not really learning either system fully and really just learning how to convert between the two, I never know how much anything is. haha  So, I found this great site online that does the math for me! :-D

I've got this site bookmarked and use it all the time! So, if you are like me and not sure how much things are in Metric you can use this handy site. It also comes in handy when needing to convert things from the USA, as I do believe they are the only country in the world that has not changed to Metric.

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