Sunday, 6 October 2013

My Walk Home from Grocery Shopping

I'm lucky my trip to the local grocery store is on a path by this creek. It makes for a very pleasant trip.
The creek splits around a small island. The water is still pretty deep for this time year. When the water is lower the split on the right side dries up. That island used to have a gorgeous Pussy Willow tree on it, until we had a huge rainstorm that caused all kinds of flooding up here and the little creek was really high and it uprooted the tree. I guess the tree is in Lake Superior now, where this creek leads to.
A closer view of the right side around the little island.

There is a mini waterfall along the creek.
 This is some new graffiti under the bridge along the path home.
From under the graffiti bridge, a view of a second bridge and the creek running underneath.
A little peek at the creek a bit closer to home now.

(I haven't posted in a while, as Monster our cat was very, very ill last week and I spent all my time nursing him back to health. He is getting better, but still needs lots of care. Poor little guy.)

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