Saturday, 21 September 2013

Sick Cat Remedy

Well, poor little Monster is sickly and what a fuss he caused in the wee hours of the morning. Scared me with a cry I have never heard him make before. It's not fun when your pet gets sick because they can't tell you what's wrong. I think he is having intestinal problems. He's had this before, so I am using the same remedy I used last time.

If it doesn't work I will have to take him to the vet, but it costs me hundreds of dollars the last time and they wanted to give him surgery that would have cost thousands or put him to sleep. I brought him home looked up what to do online and found this great remedy, which worked like a charm and I wish I had thought to do that in the first place. I don't trust that vet anymore at all.

Pumpkin is a great stool softener for cats and helps them get things going. Monster is going but with some trouble, so I hope this will clear things up for him. I mix a couple of teaspoons of pure pumpkin with tuna. I try to find the best tuna with the least ingredients in it. This brand was just tuna and water.
He seemed to be his normal self before I went to the store to get this stuff, but I figured it might help to prevent anymore trouble for him. He was practically jumping onto the table to eat this as I was preparing it. lol

So, if you find your cat is blocked up, give this remedy a try before visiting the vets. However, if it doesn't work and your cat has stopped eating and drinking for a couple of days then be sure to get him to the vets.

Here is a link to other remedies you can try:

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  1. Monster seems to be back to his old bratty, mischievous self once again.