Saturday, 28 September 2013

Make Your Own Decoupage (DIY Mod Podge)

So, I went to the Michael's store here in Thunder Bay and let me tell you, only a truly insane person would pay those prices, so I promptly left. lol  I had been looking into buying Mod Podge, but at that price, I'd do without.

I then decided to look online to see if anyone had revealed how to make your own and low and behold I found it here:

I had bought a large bottle of white glue from Canadian Tire, that was way cheaper than even a small bottle of Mod Podge at Michael's, and my son washed out a recently emptied jar of jam and I was all set. Interesting that you can get full strength glue for way cheaper than watered down glue.

Start off by filling your jar half way with white glue.
Fill the other half with tap water.
Shake it up, baby! Shake, shake, shake it until is mixed thoroughly.
I then cut out some wrapping paper for a make shift label for this jar and used the decoupage inside it, to glue it on!
And here we go, all done, even if it is a little bumpy. ;-)  Sometimes I love being cheap. lol

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