Sunday, 15 September 2013

Fun Games Online!

I love the Armor Games site, it has a huge selection of games to play. Click the link to check all of them out!

Some of my all time favourite are the Papa's Pizzeria style games. I have not actually played Papa's Pizzeria, as I haven't found it on Armor Games, but I have played all the others. The latest in the series is Papas Cupcakeria!
Watch out these games can be addictive! And they can make you hungry, haha ~joking.
I think my favourite is the Freezeria game, set on a tropical island you have to make Blizzard style ice cream treats for your customers. Yum!
The games are set up that somehow you are given a franchise from Papa and then have to learn the ropes of running your eatery.

Each customer wants their food prepared their special way. The better you get at making the food items the more ingredients you get to use.
In some cases as your skill increases, the more choices you get for the initial food preparation, such as cooking the meat for different lengths of time or having different flavours to choose or even different sizes.
The first stage is to take the order, then you prepare the product in the second stage. During the third stage is when you cook it (except for the Freezeria, you blend it) and the final stage is adding the toppings.
Keep your customers happy that's the name of the game. You also get to decorate your store in a variety of ways and change your outfits, all in an attempt to make your customers love you and want to return.

Give these games a try or any other games you might like at this site. There are a lot of good games to choose from, that's for sure. :-)

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