Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Eddie Izzard Tickets!!!

I'm so excited, I got tickets to go see Eddie Izzard who will be performing here in November! He's a very smart and funny man.
He is going to be touring Canada and I must have purified some karma, cause he's making a stop here in Thunder Bay and I got tickets!
I'm so excited to see him live. I've seen a few of his videos on Youtube and he was in the Mystery Men movie, as the god of hairspray. lol If you aren't familiar with his stuff here is a link from his past:

I love this little Lego video that was made from a soundclip from one of his shows:

Lego videos are usually awesome. lol

Another great thing about Eddie is that he wears nail art! I'll have to come up with a nail art design to wear to his performance. :-)

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