Friday, 6 September 2013

Easy Way to Peel a Hard Boiled Egg

Here is a little trick I learned while working in the food industry to speed up the process to remove egg shell from a hard boiled egg.

I am wearing nail polish in these photos (sorry), as I am only preparing these for myself. If you are working with food to feed people outside of your family and/or close friends it is best to not wear any nail polish. No one working in the food services should be wearing nail polish, as this can be a health issue.
Start off with your hard boiled egg on a hard surface. I have mine on a cutting sheet on my table (better lighting). You want to take your egg in hand with the larger end down and the pointy end up.

There is an air bubble inside the shell at the bottom of your egg. Smack the egg down onto the surface to break the shell. Your egg should be able to stand on it's own like that.
Now place your egg on it's side. Here we can see the cracked bottom.
Press down on the egg until you hear it or feel it cracking and simply roll the egg all the way around until the shell is damaged.
Remember your egg has an air pocket at the bottom, so that is best place to start peeling off the shell. It should come off quite easily and quickly using this method.
Once you have removed all the shell, be sure to rinse your egg off in water to remove any tiny stray bits that may be stuck still. And there you have it. :-)

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