Tuesday, 13 August 2013

UFO tv series

I was flipping through things on Youtube one day looking for weird things. I don't have television, so I check out stuff online instead. When I came across this tv program that I had never even heard about before, I had to watch it.


The show is strange that's for sure and the very first episode flashes 1980 many times on the screen, to let us know this program is taking place in the future! The uniforms are wild, depending on what section of the team you work for. For instance, the people in the submarine wear mesh tops, even the women!

My favourite of course were the standard wig and make-up issued to the women on the moon base. We may not have had this look in the 80's, but it is the style now!
Purple hair and lots of eye make-up with gems or crystals and eye liner in the crease of eyelid and pale lips! This is awesome! They were ahead of their time by about 30 years.

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