Sunday, 11 August 2013

DIY Stress Ball

All you need is

rice, beans or sand

to make a grip stress ball that you can squeeze. These can help you work your hand muscles and relieve stress.
I used rice for one ball and soy beans for the other. I find the larger soy beans have a massaging quality about them when you squeeze them, too.
Find a balloon size that fits the palm of your hand.
Get yourself a portion of the rice or beans that you will be using.
I used a teaspoon to keep the end of the balloon open to get the rice in. If you have the right sized funnel that would work best. The soy beans were easy to drop in one at a time.
Once the balloon is filled it will stand on it's own making it easier to fill.
When you are done filling it, you just tie off the end as you would a balloon filled with air.
And now it's ready to squeeze!

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