Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Rubber Duck to the Rescue

This is the funniest thing I have seen in quite some time. Just to warn you I have a bit of twisted sense of humour, but I laughed so long and so loud over the one story in this television program. I don't watch t.v., but I will watch certain shows online occasionally. This one was a beaut.

Russian Bigfoot (45 minutes long)


If you only want to watch the funny story it starts at 6:46 into the program, this story involves a female journalist.

*Spoiler Alert*

Just to warn you anything said after this point will spoil the show if haven't watched it yet, so you might want to watch the show first.

That story is hilarious, she took a rubber ducky with her into the forest to attract a neanderthal because she actually thought hunters took them hunting. She thought the rubber duck made a duck sound. The best part is thanks to her, we now know how to ward off an unwanted visit or attack from a neanderthal. I wonder if it would work against all the sasquatch type creatures everywhere? The moral of the story is: Never enter the forest without a Rubber Ducky in your pocket! lol

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