Sunday, 7 July 2013

Push Pin Re-Colour

Since I upgraded the corkboard I was given and because I am planning to decorate my home in pastel rococo colours, the push pins I have just didn't fit the new colour scheme I am slowly working on.
As you can see, these colours are just too bold for the look I am going for. So, I thought if I can re-colour bobby pins with nail polish, couldn't I re-colour push pins the same way? I chose 5 colours of polish that would go with my planned colour scheme.
Avon polishes in Pastel Pink, Vintage Blue and Luxe Lavender, as well as Essence's Café Ole and Rimmel London's Sage All the Rage were what I chose. The Café Ole matches the colours in the carpeting and trim of the apartment I live in and the other colours are the ones I will be using to decorate.
I painted over the yellow and some of the red push pins, as I don't think I need all of the push pins in the pack for my corkboard. I did about 5 pins of each colour.
Now I am just waiting for them to dry and then I can use them. I have applied two coats of polish on these pins.

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