Sunday, 14 July 2013

One Crazy Cat and One Sweet Cat Live Here

You know the old saying "One Grumpy Person and One Nice Person Live Here", well I changed that around to apply to our pet cats. Although, that saying is probably true anyway. lol

This is Monster. We were given him when he was just a tiny kitten and they asked us to keep the name they already had for him, so we did. This is the crazy cat. He is such a brat, but he makes me laugh.
If there is a box or a bag to get into, Monster will be the first one there to try. He is always looking for ways to get into trouble. lol  He has the softest fur of any cat I have ever known, so you want to pet him and cuddle him, but he doesn't like it. He is really cute so he gets away with all his shenanigans.
This is Sebastian. He is the sweet cat. He was a stray that turned up in our neighbourhood and we kept an eye on him and tried to care for him, as he was getting skinnier and more scruffy over time. Eventually, he got attacked by a neighbour's dog and he followed my son home and has stayed with us ever since.
Sebastian loves to cuddle and he loves his food! We call him the teddybear cat sometimes because he loves to cuddle so much. He is such a good a cat.
They are best buds now. Actually, they took to each other quite well right from the start. Before Sebastian moved in, he used to lie on our window sill outside and Monster would lie on the inside window sill of the same window.
We sometimes take them for walks outside, although we have a problem with too many people walking their dogs without leashes around here, so we aren't able to take them out very much.

They like to watch the squirrels outside together. That dark patch in the grass above Monster's head is a squirrel.
Or just chill out, when they aren't scuffling.

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