Saturday, 6 July 2013

Body Size Myths ~ Busted

I would like to point out some myths that could be causing you problems that you may not need in your life or myths that may have you fooled into thinking you are healthy when in fact you are not.

Thin does NOT necessarily equal fit. Fitness has nothing to do with size, but with physical ability and flexibility. If you are physically fit, yet large in size you are fit. There are thin people that are nowhere near being fit, so lets bust that myth here and now. You can be fit at any size.

Thin does NOT necessarily equal healthy. Research has pointed out that the healthiest people have a BMI of 25-33, or what the media considers overweight. Yes, that is correct. Overweight people have the healthiest bodies. I do not mean obese people, but people that would be considered around 20 pounds overweight. Their bodies are at the optimum for maintaining their health. So, if you think you just need to lose 10 or 20 pounds to have the perfect body, chances are you already do. You might want to change how you think about your body.

Thin does NOT necessarily equal having a healthy lifestyle. Look around you, do you by any chance know someone who is thin and drinks and smokes and doesn't work out? More than likely you do, and they probably don't look very healthy. I am not saying that all thin people have unhealthy lifestyles, but I am saying some of them do. There are many people that would be considered overweight that lead healthy lifestyles. Basically, your size is not a guarantee of your level of health. Take a look at your overall lifestyle and figure out for yourself if you think it is healthy or not. Your size does not necessarily indicate whether or not you are healthy.

No matter what size you are, if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle it might be time to make some changes to improve your health. If you are overweight and leading a healthy lifestyle, then maybe you don't need to lose weight. Weight is not a good indicator of health, many muscular people would be considered overweight, because muscle weighs more than fat. Leading a healthy lifestyle is far more important than what size you are or how much you weigh. 

Don't get trapped by the media hype and people trying to sell you a perfect body, they are out to make money off of you, bottom line. Remember, what is in style and the perfect body size image today can change, it happens all the time. It wasn't that long ago, when advertising and the media were trying to get women to gain weight and fill out their bathing suits to look more womanly. Pretty much all advertising is designed to undermine your confidence and make you feel bad about being yourself. Ignore the ads and work on being the healthiest and happiest you can be no matter what size you are.

For the women: Having fat is essential to a woman's body. Our bodies are naturally or biologically designed to store fat. This is a good thing, not a bad thing. This keeps us soft and curvy and healthy. If we become too thin we stop menstruating because it would be too dangerous for us to become pregnant, too unhealthy for the child. Our ability to store fat helps us maintain our health and survive crisis situations. I am totally at a loss over this trend for women to be super thin and have hard bodies with washboard stomachs. Personally, I think it looks gross, but it is so unhealthy for our bodies. It seems to me that many of the female stars in Hollywood look like thin teenage boys. They simply don't look healthy either, their skin seem to be missing that healthy glow.

Be at your best by having a healthy lifestyle. Stop worrying about having a body that matches the latest media trend. It will change anyway. Don't waste your time and money trying to achieve someone else's  standard. Use your time and money to bring more happiness into your life. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, no matter what your size, don't worry about what anyone else thinks or says about your appearance. You'll probably outlive them anyway. ;-)  heehee

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