Sunday, 23 June 2013

Graffiti Art Under the Bridge

There is a path beside where I live that wonders beside a creek. At one point it leads under a bridge and there is often graffiti sprayed all over the bridge supports. The city paints over it once a year or so, which just gives them a clean slate to start over again. Personally, I think the city should hold a contest or something to have people submit graffiti art designs to cover the entire area to lessen the 'tags' which are usually just ugly. I would love to see some beautiful artwork under there.

When someone takes their own initiative and paints artwork under the bridge I do my best to photograph it before it gets ruined by a 'tag' or painted over by the city. It saddens me that people ruin or destroy these creations. To me there is a huge difference between spray painting your name or swear words on a surface and graffiti art, although I have seen some 'tags' that were very artistic. I like real graffiti art, to me it is a valid art form and I wish the city would promote that rather than destroy it.

So, here are some pictures I managed to take of some of the various artwork that had at one time graced the supports under the bridge. I apologize for the quality, but I tried my best. (I am not a professional photographer.)

The picture above here clearly shows the difference between an art piece and the usual spray painted crap on the walls. I was so sad when the city painted over these paintings. This takes talent to do.

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