Monday, 17 June 2013

DIY Lipstick Palette

*I have posted about this on my other blog, so I apologize if you are familiar with this, but I thought I might get new people to this blog, so I decided to share this again. :-)

I had a bunch of lipsticks at the bottom of my make-up bag that I rarely used and/or forgot I had, so when I saw this idea on Bellashoot ( ) I thought it was perfect. I also have empty containers of fake nails that I did not want to throw out, but wanted to re-use somehow and this was the perfect solution!

Here is the link for the tutorial:

My lipstick did not expand like hers did in the video however, perhaps mine wasn't as hot? Anyway, it's a great idea so your lipsticks are visible and in one spot to work with. I used the entire tube of lipstick I had left as the container was large enough to hold it all. It also allowed me to dig out the lipstick in the tube, so none of it was wasted.
The little tiny dot of lipstick in the one slot is from a lip liner that I melted down, as I never used it. This is a fun project and a good idea I think. It didn't seem to effect my shimmery lipsticks in anyway, they are still shimmery, but if you have any lipsticks with special effects, you might want to be cautious about doing this with them.

Thanks for reading! :-)

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