Tuesday, 25 June 2013

DIY Coloured Bobby Pins

 To create different coloured bobby pins, simply paint them with nail polish in the colours you like. I simply slipped the bobby pin onto a thin piece of cardboard and painted only the tops of the pins, as that's all you will see anyway when wearing them.
This first batch I did to match different summer shirts that I own.
I then decided to paint some of them to match the coloured hair ties that I have, so they would look cute when worn together. I did my best to find the closest nail polish colours I had to the hair ties.
As you can see I painted a lot more bobby pins than just the ones to match my shirts and hair ties. I decided to try some of my favourite nail polish colours and tried the holographic and glitter polishes too, for fun. Why not? I like to wear them on my nails, why not in my hair, too? :-D
A closer look of the coloured bobby pins. (The yellow, orange and darker purple also have a coating of glow-in-the-dark polish on top for even more fun!) (Yes, I know I'm crazy. hahaha)
Here are the normal coloured bobby pins and the glittery, shimmery ones too. The possibilities are endless, you could paint them any way you want, with stripes, polka dots, just about anything. Give it try!

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