Sunday, 30 June 2013

Colour Keys

There are two colour Keys, Yellow and Blue. Yellow Key colours are warm tones. Blue Key colours are cool tones.
The circles above show the Blue Key cool colours on the left half and the Yellow Key warm colours on the right. There are true neutral grey or brown colours that do not fall into any Key, but some grey and browns can be warm or cool. This is where it can get tricky trying to figure out which Key colours fall into.

The easiest way to discover your personal Colour Key is by jewelry preference. If you prefer gold jewelry you more than likely have a Yellow Key, warm skin tone. If you are a Blue Key, cool skin tone person you will tend to favour silver jewelry. This means you look best wearing warm colours if you have a warm skin tone and cool skin tone people looks best in cool colours. Usually, we have a preference for the warm or cool colours already.

However, not all of us get this correct. If you do not know which colour Key you are, you can test it out. Hold up different warm and cool colours under your face to see which ones you look best in or like better. (You can do this in front of a mirror.) If you still have doubts, ask some of your trusted family or friends which colours you look best in. Pay attention to what colours you are wearing when people tell you look great! More than likely you are wearing the Key that suits you best.

When doing projects that combine colours it is best to stay in the same Key for a nice, flattering appearance. Using just Blue Key colours will blend nicely together or just using Yellow Key colours together will look good.

In advertising, such as store displays, they purposely mix the two colour Keys to make them clash and grab our attention. So, sometimes it is best to use both Yellow and Blue Keys together to make our look stand out and get noticed.

You can use this guide to choose the best colours for you and to help you choose colours for decorating or doing projects. If you find out that your favourite colour isn't from your Key tone, don't stop wearing it if it makes you happy. :-)

I hope you have found this informative and helpful. Thanks for reading.

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