Sunday, 29 December 2013

You Can Become a Film Producer!

Always wanted to see your name in the credits of a movie? Always wanted to attend a movie premiere? Now is your chance.

Help some budding filmmakers in Winnipeg to get their film finished and get some great perks along with it. They are accepting donations for as little as $5.00 (CAD). You can also choose to donate an amount to become a credited producer on the film as well and get tickets to attend the premiere!

Don't miss this great opportunity! 

Friday, 27 December 2013

Musician & Singer Arlene Bishop

Today, I thought I would share the music of Arlene Bishop. I used to work with Arlene in Toronto, many years ago. She is a wonderful person and a very talented musician. If you are looking for new music, please take some time to listen.

Here is a link to her own playlist of her music on Youtube:

This is the link to her Youtube site:

And a link to her own website:

Hope you enjoy! :-)

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Santa Claus (1959) Mexican Movie (Dubbed English)

I caught this film on youtube last night and I just had to share it:

This movie has to be watched to be believed. lol

It involves Santa Claus, Devils, Merlin the Magician, a keymaker Blacksmith (check out his fake red chest hair), what seems to be a large number of children that Santa has kidnapped and enslaved to make the toys for the other children on the planet Earth. Oh, did I mention Santa lives in outer space?
 One of the kidnapped Japanese children working hard for Santa. Those lips actually move and talk. 

This movie is bizarre, so if that's the kind of thing you like, then take the time to watch this beauty! Santa has to beat the devil to bring Christmas gifts to all the good children in Mexico City, which seems to be the only place he goes.
Writing a letter to Santa is very serious business!

Friday, 13 December 2013

The Royal Bank Stole My Baby's Money

This is absolutely true. The Royal Bank of Canada at Concession & Summit 555 Concession St, Hamilton stole my son's money. 

When my son was born, some people sent him money for a gift. I opened a child's bank account with the above branch of the Royal Bank. When he got money for Christmas I put it into that account. My goal was to save all the money that he would get throughout his life, to help pay for his post-secondary education. 

When my son was 5 1/2 months old, his father left us, saying,"I never wanted to be a father." I then struggled as a single mother on welfare, but still I saved as much money as I could for my son and put it into his Royal Bank children's account. 

When his first birthday came, I put all the money he got into that account. I did the same thing with the money he was sent for that following Christmas, as well. Not long after that Christmas, I went to deposit some money I saved up for my son. By this time, my baby had over $1,000 in his account. I was so happy I was going to be able to help him when he got older by being able to pay for at least some of his post-secondary education. When the teller handed back my baby's bank statement book, it read $0.00!!! I was completely stunned! 

I asked what happened to my son's money?!!?? The teller told me the money went to pay for his father's student loan. O.O 

I explained that his father left us, and had never given a penny towards my son's account. She didn't care. They absolutely refused to return my infant son's money to him. 

When I told his father about this, he didn't care either. No surprise there. That money was never returned to my son.

The Royal Bank of Canada is EVIL.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

A Childhood Story - The Great Aunt

I thought I would share a funny tidbit from my childhood. We (meaning my brothers and I) had a Great Aunt Lillian, who was an old spinster school teacher. I always thought she was rather mean. She once told me a story about how a long time ago a young man had asked her to marry him, but she turned him down because he was too short. Whew, lucky guy, he dodged a bullet that day. lol

Anyway, my story is that my parents used to make us write letters to her, when we were kids.
As I was not too fond of this woman, it was quite the chore to think of things to tell her and I never understood why we had to write to someone we didn't really like, but that's families for you. Eventually, we would get mail back from her. She never wrote me a single letter that I can remember. However, what she would mail was our letters back to us corrected.
I never knew if she meant for us to re-write the letter, now that she had corrected and re-send it, but I never did. Personally, I always felt she was ungrateful. hahaha

Saturday, 7 December 2013

An Excellent Lecture on Depression

I saw this video on Youtube of Professor Robert Sapolsky from Stanford about the nature of depression. He has hit the nail on the nail on the head, in my opinion. I can only hope that those people who work in the varying fields of treatment for patients suffering from this illness take the time to watch this video and learn. If you or anyone you know suffers from a form of depression, than you may want to take the time to watch this to gain a better understanding of what is going on with this illness.

The lecture is great, but the video work is not the best, as when the professor begins to talk about his second half of the lecture, the videographer does not show the white board with the notes on it, as I would have liked.  But, it is definitely worth watching despite this little annoyance.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Chemicals Can Cause Obesity

Well, here are some new findings in the world of science. If you haven't seen this show before, there are some very interesting episodes.
So, next time you are disgusted by someone that is overweight, maybe you should learn some facts about the situation before you judge others. So many people assume that overweight people do nothing but sit on the couch all day eating junk food and fast food constantly, and this is not the case for many, many people. Many of them try and try and try to lose weight, but find it extremely difficult and there may be many factors at play as to why that is.

So check out this episode to learn more:

Monday, 2 December 2013

New Addiction LoL

Okay, yeah I admit I have a problem. I can't stop playing this game! LoL
Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, right? haha
I love this game. I love crafting stuff and I started a city and have some great people who have joined me. I love being able to help other people in my city. It's great fun. I named my city Adventure Town.

The game is called Swords & Potions 2 and is available on Armor Games. It's free to play. There are some lag issues, but it's just so much fun, I don't mind too much. Play it and see if you get addicted, also.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Monday, 25 November 2013

Glitter Cone Crazy

Well, I said I would do more and I did! lol
I did a few different glitter polish colours and a couple of shimmery metallic ones too, in gold and silver.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Creekside Pictures

Well, I showed pictures earlier of my walk to the grocery store along the creek, so I thought I would share pictures of the creek up the other way. This is the small weir near my place.
Close to the weir.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

One Tree Holding On

While most of the trees here have given up their leaves, this little guy is holding on still. I thought this was a really nice display of the fall colours all on one tree.
I'm not exactly sure what type of tree this is. I would guess an Oak tree but I thought their leaves were rounder? 
Well, if you know for sure what type of tree it is, please let me know. thanks.

Monday, 11 November 2013

DIY Christmas Pine Cones

I went hunting around for mini pine cones to decorate for Christmas because I have a mini Christmas tree and thought I'd like to make some ornaments for it. I found these two tiny ones down by the creek next to my place.
I found green and red glitter nail polish to paint the pine cones.
I started by painting the outside of the cones, doing a little bit at a time to allow it dry before being handled.
And here we are all done with two coats of polish where needed. I found this really easy to do and plan to go hunting for some more pine cones, to do some with silver and gold and maybe more glitter colours.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Predicting Snowfall

I have been told that the amount of orange berries on the Mountain Ash trees indicates how much snow there will be in the upcoming winter. I was told this method is used by the First Nations.
It seems to me that there are fewer berries this year, than there were last year when I first heard of this, so I will have to see how much snow we get and compare. Last year, unfortunately we got a lot of rain, which quickly turns to ice here.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

November's Avocado

It's another update on my avocado tree. Poor thing, I didn't realize it was crooked in the planter I keep it in, so it has grown a little lopsided. Well, this is a good example to remind you to rotate your tree so it'll grow straight! haha
So, it has gotten some more leaves, with more on the way and has grown to about 27 inches in height. Not bad for about 1/2 year's growth.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Game of Thrones Game

If you like the Game of Thrones books and/or TV series, then you might like this little game, too.This game is FREE to play, although you do have options to buy gold if you are into that sort of thing. The game is called Game of Thrones Ascent:

I just started playing about a week ago and it's pretty good. It's a game you can leave running in the background while you do other things because the Raven's call will let you know when your current projects are done. You can then head back into the game to update it.

I play this through Armor Games, but I think it is also available through Facebook. The random name generator is fun and comes up with some funny combinations. I chose Megga Humble for it's humour. If you decide to play, you can always add me as a friend. If you get into it and want to join an alliance, I belong to The Crabb Shack, run by Errok Crabb.

May I recommend that you build up your Counting House as quickly as possible. Money is important, as always. haha

Happy gaming.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Romantic Scented Room

Scent your room with your favourite perfume/cologne simply using the warmth of a light bulb.

Make sure the lightbulb in the room you want to scent is completely cold. This means your lightbulb must be off and cold to the touch, otherwise this gets dangerous as your lightbulb will explode.
Simply spray a little of the perfume onto the lightbulb or drop a couple of drops onto the top of it. Let it dry for a few minutes and then turn your light on. The warmth from the lightbulb will heat the perfume/cologne and scent your room. No need to buy any plug-ins anymore. Just please be really careful that your lightbulb is cold before you add the scent.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hair Washing Frequency

When I was a kid, many, many years ago, we washed our hair once a week. Rumour has it, that when the babyboom ended, Johnson and Johnson's sales of their baby shampoo dropped dramatically, so they had to do something to increase those sales. Heaven forbid their quarterly earnings aren't higher than last quarter. Gosh. So they devised a little marketing ploy that exploded in our western culture, that their baby shampoo was gentle enough to use everyday! Bingo!
Sales increased and the myth that we had to wash our hair everyday was born. I mean, if it's on TV it must be true, right? lol And this is how it all got started, supposedly.

Personally, I have very dry hair and if I washed it everyday no matter how gentle the shampoo I would look like a sheep dog on a really bad day! lol So, I still follow what I did as a kid and wash my hair about once a week. I'm sure that if you have oily hair you will need to wash your hair more frequently. I get the most compliments on how nice my hair looks, when it is overdue for a wash, I guess when it is a little greasy it looks nice and shiny. I'm not kidding that's when people tell me how great my hair looks. You might want to take a minute to ponder that, in case you'd like to get compliments on your hair, too. :-)

My son, the scientist, informs me that our hair actually removes pollutants from the air, so the less often we wash it, the more pollutants we remove. I don't know if there was a study done on this or not, but it's nice to think I'm helping make the air we breathe a little cleaner for everyone, in a small way. lol

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Different Uses for Blistex

I don't sell Blistex and I am not affiliated with them in anyway nor do I make any money off of this blog. However, I absolutely love this product for my very dry, chapped lips. I use this almost every night before I go to bed, so that my lips will be healed by morning. It usually only takes one night to heal them completely. This stuff is awesome.

After I apply this to my lips I have a habit of rubbing the excess into the back of my hand. This is how I discovered that it also helps to heal dry, red, chapped skin and it reduces ages spots (liver spots). How do I know? Because I tend to use my pointer finger on my right hand to apply the lip medex and then rub it on the back of my left hand. The back of my left hand looks less red and more youthful than the back of my right. lol

I purposely did this for a few weeks last winter to see the results and I was impressed. So, if you are looking for a fix for these problems I recommend giving this product a try. (I try to mix it up every now and then so my right hand doesn't miss out on the healing anymore.) hehe

Monday, 28 October 2013

DIY Business Cards

This is a great way to recycle old Christmas cards, greeting cards or Klenex boxes, stuff like that.
I think this project is best for crafty people, as you wouldn't want to use this if you are a C.E.O. of some financial company. lol
Use a real business card for your template and line it up on the surface of your card or box to cut around it.
So with this complete, you have cut out the base of your business card. Just repeat this as many times as you can on each card and box to cut out as many cards as possible. Don't forget the non-designed side of your card as you can make plain ones, that some people may prefer, just make sure there is no writing on it.
You then print out labels for your business cards. You can buy pre-sized labels if you like, but I went with a solid sheet that I could size the labels myself and cut them out to fit my cards. This way I can use the labels for other projects, too.
So, here I printed out a number of 'cards' on one sheet and the guidelines will help me to cut them out.
And here is the final result, after cutting out and sticking the label to the cut out card. I will be using them at my very first craft sale this weekend coming up. This gives customers the chance to pick out whatever card they like best. :-)